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Question – How much data is too much for a phone screen?…

A discussion with a grower the other day got us both talking about the amount of data people and companies try and display on a phone screen and the time it takes to get the information you require.

If you have 1 or 2 devices a graph is acceptable but if you 5,10, 20, or more it just becomes frustrating.  

With well-designed graphics, well set up alerts, and thresholds you can look at 1 screen for a couple of seconds and get the status, then 1 or 2 more seconds to verify the points of interest … then act on the info or go back to business.

IrrimaxLIVE will provide this information in a few seconds… oh yeah, the “gauge” icon looks like it’s already designed for the watch.

So for the busy grower – the day goes like this:

5.00 am – alarm goes off, grab the phone check the status
5.15 am – grab a coffee, spend 5 – 10 min on the PC checking details (if required) the areas of concern.
5.25 am – out the door – possibly 10 – 15 minutes to take action of problem zones.
5.45 am on the job then every hour a 5-second glance of the current status.

While the images below are all from IrrimaxLIVE it’s great to see how much information fits on a single screen, as you look at the display options.

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