IrrimaxLIVE – Mobile Friendly

Question – How much data is too much for a phone screen?… A discussion with a grower the other day got us both talking about the amount of data people and companies try and display on a phone screen and the time it takes to get the information you require. If you have 1 or 2 devices a graph is acceptable but if you 5,10, 20, or more it just… Read More »IrrimaxLIVE – Mobile Friendly

IrrimaxLIVE – Fertigation

Fertigation: IrrimaxLIVE now brings forecasted ET and Root Activity in to play, add to this soil temperature, and soil moisture and you have all the information required to plan and deliver your optimum fertigation.  From the bottom pane: Soil Moisture – make sure you have the capacity to hold the application.ET (Forecasted Evapotransiration) – so you know the plants will be actively taking up water and fertilizer.Root Activity – Ensure… Read More »IrrimaxLIVE – Fertigation

New wireless pressure sensor

When it comes to managing irrigation line pressure downstream from the valve, gives you a true realtime status of your system. The New wireless pressure sensor will update every 5 minutes the base station also provides a realtime “Heartbeat” of all components providing peace of mind in regards to system status. The compact design and integrated power supply keeps the system out of harm’s way and will run for 2-3… Read More »New wireless pressure sensor

IrrimaxLIVE – Root Activity

The New IrrimaxLIVE feature has proven a winner with our customers, information you had to look for is now shown to you. Looking at the graph below you can clearly see where and when “Root Activity” starts and stops, also clearly see the impact of a rainfall or irrigation thru the soil profile. The example below shows how the vine root activity and dormancy period moved by a month between… Read More »IrrimaxLIVE – Root Activity

IPV – mid row cover crop

A comparison of Soil Moisture levels over the past 5 years in McLaren Vale. Whilst soil moisture is observed and acted on constantly throughout key growth / crop stages it can be overlooked after harvest. Alot happens between harvest and budburst, for example winter full points, waterlogging, leaching events (salt and nutrients), mid row crop water use. This is the period where your mid row crop really does its job… Read More »IPV – mid row cover crop